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Have you ever heard of the famous card counting technique of a man who beat Las Vegas casinos? If you have never heard of it, let’s learn this card playing technique!

What is card counting?

What is card counting?
Card counting is a technique that allows Blackjack players to know when the advantage is in their favor. When it happens, they up the ante. When the advantage shifts in favor of the Dealer, they will bet less or stop playing. Players can gain positive advantages over the house by making such bets. It has been mathematically proven that high value cards (10s, heads and Aces) are more beneficial to the player while low value cards (2 – 6 cards) are more beneficial to the Dealer. . The remaining cards from 7 to 9 are usually not more beneficial to anyone, neither the player nor the dealer.

Practice counting cards on the software

Below is a Demo version for players to practice how to count cards most effectively.
  • Assign a value of (+1) to every card from 2 – 6 and (-1) to every 10 or more and ace
  • Start counting cards after dealing and calculate the value of each additional card drawn.
  • When the card count total is positive after any round and if there are still a lot of undealt cards left, you should increase your bet.
  • When the total card count score is negative after any round, or the number of undealt cards remaining is low, you should reduce your bet.
  • You will bet more money if the total is positive and less money if the total is negative.

Instructions for practicing card counting

Instructions for practicing card counting
Card Counting Trainer is a software tool that will teach you how to count Blackjack cards correctly. No experience is needed to use it, you just need to want to learn the skill Research has proven that math will give you an advantage when playing Blackjack. If you don’t know, the way to play cards was invented by the father of card counting, Edward O. Thorp There is a myth that you need to remember and count all the cards in a game, but you will soon realize that your guess is wrong (Because you have not undergone any formal training). Actually card counting is a strategy that anyone with average intelligence can learn. And you can get started with the help of this training software.

How effective is card counting?

After the Dealer shuffles the deck, the number of high cards and low cards is the same.
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Depending on the type of cards dealt in the first round, the ratio between high cards and low cards in the undealt decks will change. Then there will be more high cards than low cards. For example: If in the dealing rounds there are more low cards than high cards, then in the undealt cards, there will be more high cards than low cards. If this happens, the card counter will bet more because they have a higher chance of getting Blackjack (with 3/2 the payout) and winning double. Additionally, if the Dealer opens a low hand, they will lose more often in the game. Instead, if the undealt card contains many lower cards, it will benefit the Dealer. According to casino rules, Dealers must play 12 – 16 times. Over-concentration of low cards will increase the chance of getting a winning combination from 17 – 21 turns while reducing the risk of losing. To know when the undealt cards contain high cards that favor the player or low cards that favor the dealer, the card counter assigns points to each card.

How to use the card counting trainer

How to use the card counting trainer
The goal of the training is to teach you how to assign points to each card and how to add up the points for each card correctly in each round. The software will display 2 – 6 cards on your computer screen. You look at them, add or subtract points for each card, then transfer the result you calculated to the next group of cards that will appear on the screen. At the end of the exercise, you will fill in the scoring value; The software will tell you whether you calculated correctly or incorrectly, then it will display the correct calculation.

Start the lesson

  • Choose a practice lesson with 1 or 6 decks of cards.
  • Use the mouse to select the speed (that is, the number of rounds per minute) the cards appear on the screen and you must count. Move the diamond right to increase speed and left to decrease speed.
  • Click on Menu under “Requirements for each count” to choose the number of seconds for the cards to stop and ask you to count. Choose from 10 – 30 seconds, increasing every 5 seconds. Choosing “Never” means the lesson will continue until all cards on the deck are played.
  • When the lesson stops at the point you have selected, the software will ask “What is the current calculated score?”, enter the score you calculated and select “Submit” to send. For example, if you calculate the score for that round as positive five, enter “+5” and select Submit. If it is positive six, enter “+6” and select Submit. After filling in the calculation results, the software will tell you whether the result is correct or incorrect. If incorrect, it will give the correct result. At the end of the lesson, the software also calculates your accuracy percentage. Your goal is 100% accuracy.
  • At any point in the lesson, you can select “Pause” to pause. This gives you more time if needed to count cards. Press the “Pause” button again to return to the lesson.
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Some notes when using software to teach card counting

  • When you practice card counting for the first time, select “Single Deck” mode, set “Speed” to “Slow”, and choose 10 or 15 seconds to wait for you to count and give results.
  • The first goal you need to achieve is repeatability accuracy (i.e. speed is not the first goal).
  • Once you have achieved 100% accuracy when counting cards at a slow speed, gradually increase the speed of the exercise.
  • Don’t be surprised if you make counting mistakes when increasing the speed because cards will appear and disappear on the screen faster.
  • After consistently achieving 100% accuracy at higher speeds, continue to increase the speed of the exercise and practice until you reach 100% accuracy again.
  • Repeat this process until you have 100% accuracy at the fastest possible speed of the software.
  • You can also choose the 6-card counting practice mode if you want to play and count cards in a 6-set game.
  • As your accuracy improves, start manually pairing 1 high card (-1) with 1 low card (+1) each round and just count the remaining cards, adding to the final card count.
  • This helps you increase your card counting speed compared to others when playing at 188jili.

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